What we can offer

At Jardín Alpujarra we offer the opportunity to enjoy a large garden space set in a great mountain location.  Primarily, Jardín Alpujarra has been created to share the enjoyment of plants and to discover how to create a garden in this unique mountain location.  Visitors may have an interest in horticulture or may just be keen to appreciate beautiful open spaces.


"A great place to visit with family or friends"



Guided tours

If you come as a group then we can offer you a guided tour of the garden. We will explain how the garden was started, the way in which it has developed and explain how we have met some of the challenges along the way. We can also talk about how certain plants adapt to the growing conditions.


We also hold guided tours on certain dates during the year as part of our programme of open day events.



Refreshments and catering

In our garden room visitors can enjoy drinks and light refreshments on our regular open days on Fridays.  All proceeds from this go towards the development of Jardín Alpujarra.  Homemade cakes and fresh lemonade are some of the favourites, along with sandwiches and other tasty snacks.  


Lunches, morning coffee or afternoon tea can also be organised for groups large and small.  Please contact us if you would like to reserve food and drink in advance.



We are usually available during garden visiting time to offer advice about your gardening project.  Whilst we do not present ourselves as experts in a general sense, we offer to share our experience of creating this garden with its very unique conditons.  We also enjoy meeting new people and having a chat!

Jardín de la Alpujarra

Entrance €3,50 - all proceeds to the garden association.


Entrada €3,50 - Todos los ingresos a la asociación.


Not for profit association registered with the Diputación of Granada no. 7123


Asociación sin ánimo de lucro, registrado con la Diputación de Granada número 7123



Jardín de la Alpujarra
Cortijo Opazo, Ctra Atalbeitar 0.2km
18415 Portugos


Correo electrónico/email: info@jardinalpujarra.com

Tlf: +34  646430656 646430656 

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