Wood Oven Cookery Courses

Enjoy a day in the garden at Jardín Alpujarra, learning the basic techniques of cooking in our wood oven and savouring the outcome of your efforts!


Courses for 2021 to be announced


These are full day courses starting at 10.00am and finishing at about 16.30.  See below for more details.




Gardens, cookery and good company, enjoyed in a beautiful location in the high Alpujarra mountains of the Sierra Nevada, what better way could there be to spend your day?



Join us in the open air at this very special location, Jardín de la Alpujarra at Cortijo Opazo.  We will be talking about food, cooking food, and enjoying food.  We will stroll through the enchanting gardens here and pick produce for our table; we will mix, kneed and chop together and discover the pleasures of open air cookery in a traditional wood burning oven, built especially for us by our friend Alf of Armstrong Brick Ovens. During the day we will be able to give advice on how to build your own wood fired oven and there will be an opportunity to talk about wood fired oven construction and use in general.


Proud bakers with their focaccia bread


Come and find out what makes cooking in a genuine wood oven so special, savour the smokey flavours that the cooking process imparts and enjoy the taste of food developed through a long slow sizzle.  It is not just about bread or pizzas, although a wood oven is excellent for this type of food; anything you can cook in a domestic kitchen can be adapted to a large wood oven.  So what makes it so special?  For us, standing around the mouth of a flaming beast is an intensely social occasion; the topic is food in all its glory as we stir the pot and riddle the embers, the flavour of the conversation develops in time with the leisurely roasting dish.



A very 'hands on' experience


Outline of what happens during the day long course


This full day will be an introduction to the art of cooking in a wood fired oven. You will have the chance to watch a cookery demonstration by the guys at Jardín de la Alpujarra, then it will be your turn to roll up your sleeves and get going with the mixing bowl.


During the day we will cook several different items that will be shared and enjoyed together: snacks, starters, maincourses and desserts - please bring your appetite.  You will have your chance to cook as well as taste items prepared for you.  At the end of the day, along with feeling full from good food and great company, you will have a little goody bag to take home with you.  There will be food for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike.


We will talk about building a perfect wood oven, about lighting a wood oven and establishing the correct cooking temeprature, along with ideas about the various dishes you can make as the oven cools down - a process that can take three days with our oven!  Printed material with recipes will be distributed for you to take home.


Late morning, whilst the dough is rising, you will also have a chance to stroll around the beautiful gardens here and maybe enjoy a spot of floral photography.


You will be asked to arrive for 10.00 when coffee will be served along with your first tasty bite from the oven.  We will then launch into preparing the banquet.  The day will end leisurely at about 16.30, although you may wish to linger longer in the garden, then return to enjoy a second helping of wood oven fayre.



Three successful cooks, but who is the master baker?
William and local writer, Chris Stewart, discuss the various merits of kneeding bread
Oven baked assorted breads


Cost and booking your place.


The course fee will be €85 for the day.  This will include two tutors and all your materials - wood for the fire and ingredients for the food including refreshments along the way and a glass of something with your meal.


Numbers are limited and need to be booked in advance with a €45 deposit, payable by bank transfer or PayPal.  To enrol, please contact us and we will send you the details of how to make your deposit payment.


A cookery school with a view
We also make pizzas from time to time

Jardín de la Alpujarra

Entrance €3,50 - all proceeds to the garden association.


Entrada €3,50 - Todos los ingresos a la asociación.


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